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Online Ordering Instructions

There has been a little confusion regarding our new online ordering system.  This page is meant to clarify how it works and answer any questions that you might have.

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General Information

If you choose Order Now, a pick-up time will be quoted between 20-60 minutes.  Our system is very smart.  As soon as an online order is placed, the restaurant’s computer is contacted to ask how many orders have been placed recently.  From that information, an accurate quote time can be calculated for you.

As well as orders for immediate preparation, we now offer the option of placing a Future Order where you choose the time that you’d like to pick it up.  All future orders must be for more than one hour from the current time and for the same day.

Since most Large Portions are ordered in advance and also given the sheer number of variables for this kind of order, a decision was made to leave pans off of the ordering system.  Please call the restaurant and our staff would be happy to help.

Plans are being made to include our Large Portion items on the Online Ordering site, but given the sheer number of variables, it may take us some time.

Our system allows you to create an account for faster checkout.  If you choose not to create an account and instead order as a Guest, only the minimum amount of information is collected to process your payment.  Our system also allows you to “opt-in” and join our Newsletter.  You are not required to do so, but if you do, your information will never be shared with any third party.

One of the most crucial factors when Salvatori’s searched for a company to help build our Online Ordering System was how your data would be processed.  EZ Chow was a perfect choice because of the safety and security of their system.

The website that you use to place your order does not store your credit card information, nor does it pass it to a third-party processor.  Instead, EZ Chow establishes a direct connection with our Micros/Oracle Point of Sales system.  Your credit card purchase is processed by our POS as if you made the purchase in our restaurant.

During your transaction, you can rest assured that all data has been encrypted by a trusted GoDaddy SSL Certificate.

Choose a Restaurant

When placing an online order with us, the first step is to choose the restaurant where the order will be prepared.

There are three options when choosing a location.  Search by City, State, or Zip Code or Use My Current Location both use location services and your web browser may ask you to “Allow”.  The third option is to choose from the Show Me All Locations list.

Note:  If you choose your order location using either of the first two options, the approximate distance to the restaurant will be displayed.

Choose your preferred locations by clicking on “Order Now”

Choose a Pick-up Time

Salvatori’s now allows you to choose the time of your pick-up.  By default, the system is set for Order Now, in which case your order will be prepared immediately and an accurate quote time of 20-60 minutes will be given at the end of your order.

Or you can choose a time for later in the day to pick-up your order.

Future Orders

If you would like to pick-up your order later in the day, use the drop-down menu to choose the time that you desire.

Note: Future Order times are greater than one hour and for the current business day only.

Once you have selected the time, click Continue to proceed to the menu.

If for some reason during your order you’d like to change the pick-up time, you’ll find a convenient button in the Cart where you can Change Time.  This will bring you back to the Choose a Pickup Time screen without affecting your order.

Navigating the Menu

Our online menu is split into sections to help you navigate to the dish that you desire.  Sections include:

Appetizers/Bread | Salads | Tossed Pasta | Baked Pasta | Sandwiches | Calzones | Rolls | Dessert | Kids | Lunch

You’ll notice that these categories exactly match our new dining menu.  As a matter of fact, both the in-house menu and the online menu were developed at the same time.

Note:  The Lunch Menu will only be displayed while the lunch specials are available. (Tuesday – Friday / 11:00 – 3:00).

Choosing and Customizing Your Items

Locate your favorite item and click Add & Customize, then we have a few more questions about your dish.

Depending on the item that you have selected, there are may be a number of ways to customize the dish.  If you click on the buttons below the item description, these options will be revealed.

Note:  Some options are not required and some are mandatory.  If an option selection is required, the system will not let you proceed and will show an error.

Using this item as an example, the Cavatelli Caiazzo requires that you choose what type of meat is in the dish.  If you try to add this to your order without selecting a required option, the error is obviously displayed.

As stated earlier, many options are not required and allow you to order the dish just the way that you like it.  In this example, you can see that “No Mushrooms” has been selected.  During the construction of our Online Ordering System, great care was given to make sure that every option was available for each menu item.

But in the very rare case where you cannot find the customization that you seek, we have also provided an area for you to type a special request.

Note:  Many requests such as “Extra Sauce” or “No Spicy” will be made without question.  However, some requests may require additional charges.  For instance, “Extra Shrimp” would cost more.  If that is the case, we will call you at the phone number that you provide during your order.

Adding Items and Editing Your Cart

Once you have selected and customized the menu item that you’d like to order, click Add to Order.  This will place the item into your “Shopping Cart”.  From this point, you can either add more items or process to the Checkout.

The Cart has a few features that will help you while placing your order.  Next to each item are icons that allow you to delete the menu item from your Cart or to further edit the menu item.  There is also an option to completely Clear Cart and start again.

Once you have completed ordering the food that you’d like, click Checkout.

Checkout With or Without an Account

Salvatori’s Online Ordering System allows you to create an account that speeds up the ordering processes.  However, an account is not required to place your order.  If you are an existing customer, enter your email and password.  If you are not, please select Create an Account or Checkout as Guest.

If you are creating an account, please fill out the provided form.

Please note the required fields:

First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, and Password

There are also options that allow you to subscribe to our Newsletter for business updates and special offers and to opt to have your order receipt sent via text message (Salvatori’s will never market to you using text).

Checkout as Guest

Should you choose to Checkout as a guest, Salvatori’s requires the minimal amount of information to process your credit card purchase, send you an email receipt, and a phone number should there be any question about your order.  (The same information required to start an account).

In addition, there are also opt-in questions regarding joining our email Newsletter and if you would like to receive a receipt via text message.

Fill out all required information fields:

First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number are required.  Then click Pay now Debit/Credit Card to enter your form of payment.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Enter all of your credit card or debit card information and then confirm that you are over the age of 18 and authorized to use the card.

Place Your Order

Once all personal and payment information has been entered, click Place My Order.

While the website is communicating with the Point of Sales system at the selected store, you will see a notification Please Wait.  This may take 10-15 seconds depending on Internet speeds.  Do not close your browser window before confirmation.

During this process, our system is not only processing your payment, but sending the order to the appropriate printers in the kitchen, and determining how busy the restaurant is in order to give an accurate quote time.  This quote time will be between 20-60 minutes depending on the number of recent orders (both in-house and online).

Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation and quoted pickup time.

Besides this confirmation, you will also receive an email receipt with the same information.  If you opted-in to receive text alerts, your confirmation and receipt will be sent to your phone.

Error Messages

Salvatori’s Online Ordering System has a number of error messages that are generated to help guide you through the ordering process.  Anytime that required information is not entered correctly, an error message will automatically be displayed in bright red and underlined.

The most obvious error message is displayed if you try to order while the restaurant is closed.  Since this is a ‘live’ ordering system and we do not accept future orders online, you cannot order outside of business hours.

Another common error is to forget to enter your personal information.  As stated earlier, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address are required to place an order and send a receipt of purchase.

You can read more about correcting this error in the section:  Checkout With or Without an Account

Also, all credit card information must be entered correctly.  This includes:  name as it appears on the card, valid credit card number, expiration month and year, and CVV code from the back of the card.

To make this process easier for future purchases (not only with us but for any online purchase), you can set-up your preferred web browser to remember your payment information.  Note:  This should be done on a trusted computer or phone only.

Learn more about setting up autofill forms for:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

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