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Desserts and other sweets…

By far, our most popular dessert is the Homemade Cinnamon Roll. It was named a Best Dessert in 2011 by Ryan Duvall of the Fort Wayne Newspapers, but there are other great choices on our list.

Homemade Cinnamon Roll

Like our wine and beverage selections, the desserts served at each location vary. Though we have some popular standards at both locations like the Homemade Cinnamon Roll, Moscato Berry Tiramisu, Cannoli, and Cheesecake,

Check out our current printable menus for each location:

Beverage & Dessert New Haven


Dessert Menu West

New at Salvatori’s West

Baked Almond Mini Torte

with Raspberry center

A warm, rich almond cake filled with a sweet raspberry center, drizzled with raspberry and white chocolate icing. Sweet and savory… Despite its small size, it might be enough to share.

The Almond Torte is baked when ordered, so please allow a little extra time for preparation.